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MRT 611 Woodpower

The MRTA611 takes the proven P11104 design and extends it to a six pad lifting length to provide more capacity and load support for longer glass units.

With two removable pads the MRTA611 offers the versatility and flexibility to cope with varying load sizes together with 180 edgewise manual rotation, lockable in three positions. The remarkably low profile of the MRTA611 rotator/tiliter, provides maximum versatility and ease of use in tight work locations.


Vertical 334-500 kg, horizontal 334-500 kg

Vacuum system:
Dual Circuit 1 pump, 2 vacuum tanks
Suitable for lifting:
Material properties: gastight
example: glass, plastic boards, ceramic plates etc
Suction cup type:
Approx diam. 305 mm
Suction cup quality:Black rubber, not abrasion resistant, heat resistant up to 100C
Number of suction cups:
Loading capacity frame:
334-500 kg
Weight of lifter:58 kg
Structural depth:
194 mm
1.5 m3/h
pump: 12v
battery charger: 110v/240v
Optinoal  accessories:
Radio remote control
MRTA611 Dual Circuit

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  • MRTA611_2
  • MRTA611_3
  • MRTA611_4
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